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Challenges of Competition

Interactions with other species can have incredibly important effects on an individual's behaviour, physiology, ecology, and fitness. We are exploring two broad aspects of the importance of competition in our ongoing research.

1) Importance of competitive interactions in shaping species responses to urbanization.

Along with collaborator Dr. Paul Martin, we have documented effects of competitive interactions among species on responses to urbanization. You can find some of our recent work in this area here and here.

2) Importance of competitive interactions with mites and microbes for burying beetles.

Along with MSc student Julia Kendrick and collaborator Dr. Laura Nagel, we are currently investigating how burying beetles cope with competition from phoretic mites (pictured) and microbes that also eat carrion.



Dr. Fran Bonier, Associate Professor

Queen's University Biology Department

Kingston, ON K7L 3N6 Canada

phone: +01.613.533.6000 x 77024


photo credits

Thomas Kent: Mites on Nicrophorus orbicollis

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