Challenges of Urbanization

Most species do not tolerate urbanization, yet a few persist and even thrive in cities. How do these species differ? In collaboration with Paul Martin, we are striving to answer this question and to better understand how birds cope with urban challenges. In future work, we're also interested in incorporating burying beetle responses to urban challenges into this research!


You can learn about recent findings from our global, citizen science study on urban birds here and here.

We launched the Urban Birds of Ontario project – a citizen science effort to document all the bird species that do and do not breed in Ontario’s 15 metro areas.

If you’re an avid birder or naturalist, please consider contributing data to this study!

Stay tuned for a global project aimed at better understanding urban biodiversity, including in cities in economically disadvantaged regions!


Current students on this project:

Rachel Fanelli (Msc), Emma Sinclair (MSc)



Dr. Fran Bonier, Associate Professor

Queen's University Biology Department

Kingston, ON K7L 3N6 Canada

phone: +01.613.533.6000 x 77024

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photo credits

Derek Zaraza: Urban peregrine